Construction Management

Is an art and a science, and is something that is usually quite hard to do? It is hard because one must look at a broad range of variables and try and guess what effect each variable will have on a construction project.

For example, a construction manager in the middle of a project will have to consider the following:

  • Weather/Climate,
  • Availability of construction workers who may be sick or may not feel like showing up for work,
  • The fact that some materials are out of stock just when they are needed,
  • The availability or non-availability of key equipment like cranes,
  • Changes made to the existing design by architects and clients the previous evening,
  • juggling the work of 20 or more different trades at the same time,
  • surprise discoveries of electrical cables below the ground that no-one knew about,
  • Inspections and permitting delays by government authorities

The main aspects of construction management are:

  • construction scheduling
  • quality control
  • contract management
  • procurement management​
  • construction finance management